Will you shop local this Christmas to support Brighouse?

Many of us try to make this conscious decision to shop local all year round, not just in the festive season. However, Christmas can account for a third to two-thirds of an independent retailer’s annual turnover. This is a huge percentage and could be the difference between being a striving business or a struggling business.

We’re all tempted by online shopping and there’s no reason that shopping locally can’t be combined with online shopping too. You can shop online and support local businesses too that provide an online ordering or click and collect service.

By shopping locally you are supporting the local business economy and making sure more money goes back into Brighouse’s business community – which is going to benefit us all in the end.

So, without further ado…

Here’s 5 good reasons to shop locally this Christmas!

Service with a Smile
Local businesses are owned and staffed by people who live in the area and have an emotional and financial investment in the community’s welfare and future. You’re more likely to have a chat with someone who knows you, the local area and can share the community spirit.

Character and Community
The unique character of a town is defined by its shops, pubs and restaurants and keeping them busy and thriving gives your town a unique personality of its own. Locally owned businesses are also more likely to buy products themselves from local suppliers – which has an additional benefit – money and jobs staying within the local community.

Competition and Variety
A town filled with nameless, faceless brands is a town or village without character. Competition is healthy and a small independent shop can provide quirky, different products and usually respond to customer’s demands quickly and easily.

More than Shopping
Regular patronage of small local outlets means you’ll get to know the business owners, their team and they’ll get to know you and might even greet you on first name terms! The social connection we’ve all missed over the last year or so can be re-ignited. For Christmas shopping – a local, independent shop is more likely to be able to offer you a
free gift wrapping service too.

Touch and Feel
Sometimes there’s just no substitute for feeling, smelling and touching what you’re buying (following COVID guidelines of course!) Take a browse around and enjoy, once again, shopping with a soul.

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